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HowToMakeADesignerHandbag.com a place to learn how to make handbags

Richard Manigault and Linda Gentile, Founders

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HowToMakeADesignerhandbag.com was started in 2010 by two designers from NYC Richard Manigault and Linda Gentile. They started the school by posting videos on youtube when They came across a question “how do I make a designer handbag?” they answered with a video and HowToMakeADesignerHandbag.Com was born. Over the years they have taught thousands of students how to make quality handbags at home. Over 2.8 million people have viewed there videos, today the have over 12,000 subscribers. They provide students with step by step easy video tutorials. Taking students through the entire process of developing their own handbags from pattern making, construction and teaching the little things that make your bags look and feel like a designer handbag. Many have went on to start their own collection of handbags.

Now, they want to become the premier destination to learn how to make a quality handbag and we invite other quality instructors to join us!

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