Welcome To HMDH Academy

Welcome to HMDH Academy

        Learn how to make quality handbags at home or in your studio!
  • A complete introduction to handbag construction and pattern making!
  • Easy to follow videos and notes give you step by step instructions.
  • Start designing your own handbags in the first class!
  • Incredible student support!
  • Live question and answer webinars!
  • Graded assignments, get advice and feedback on every submitted assignment!

We have all your dreams in the bag!

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Available courses

HMDH Academy offers you two enrollment options for the Beginning Handbag Course.

You may choose to enroll for one year or month to month.

Enrollment includes Beginning Handbag Course 1-2 for one enrollment fee!

Both options offer you great support and a quality education in handbag design and construction. 

Best enrollment option!

With our yearly enrollment you can save over 50% over the monthly enrollment! 

Eight classes that will teach you everything you wanted to know about making soft constructed handbags.

You learn pattern making and construction techniques, that will have you designing your own bag in the first lesson!


"I saw just 40 minutes of the video of the T-tote bag. Its just remarkable! I am just so lucky to have found you! I am going to be an entrepreneur. You are my 1st teacher! :)

When I searched in Google using the key words: 'How to design a handbag', your site was one of the first 3-5 sites. This is pretty hard to achieve! And I have not found any other site like yours."

Luna, IT specialist

This is the continuation of the BH1 course. It takes you through a few more techniques and reinforces previous lessons. There is no additional cost. 

This class will introduce you to constructed and semi constructed handbags.

You will learn broken bottom, flat bottom construction, gussets and tunnel gusset construction as well as envelopes, clutches and get a introduction to box bag construction.

This is the most comprehensive online handbag course on the internet for this type of construction.